What Can You Do Well?


Showcase it!

AI is “happening” because different people’s ideas and skills are coming together through trade and innovation. 

With a larger and more high profile partner and enterprise network than any other Ai event this year, Summit AI will be the place conversations start and deals initiate in 2017.

Sponsorship opportunities are open to:

  • Any company that can offer AI services to other companies to help them grow 

  • Any AI company that wants to announce something new and special

  • Big companies that want to buy small companies

  • Any AI company that wants to showcase themselves to investors

  • Companies seeking to establish and position themselves within the AI ecosystem

Options for showcasing your company include everything from headline sponsorship and centre stage branding, to integrating your technology into the running of the event (ex: facial recognition for registration), to thought leadership workshops (if you have something genuinely interesting to teach!), to exhibition booths and more.

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Drop us an email and we will get in touch to discuss the best sponsorship package for your business

Email: partnerships@worldsummitai.com